Come with your club or enjoy other events

Come with your whole club

In Marina Minde, we are always looking farward to receiving clubs etc. Should you be interested in planning an event or meeting, or to organize a little regatta, your are welcome to contact us.

If your dive club needs a place to go into the water, there are excellent opportunities and facilities for activities both ashore and at sea.

It is also possible to come with a kayak club or just to enjoy BBQ evenings with freshly caught fish from the Fjord.

Our multifunctional house Valhalla, is a great place for activities and group gatherings.

Marina Minde is always open for exciting activities.

Just contact the harbour master if you wish to arrange an event at Marina Minde.

Our multifunctional house Valhalla

The great atmosphere inside Valhalla

Optimists in the harbour

Great location for wonderful activities