Marina Minde’s green principles

Green harbour

We are working a lot with the environment at Marina Minde harbour.

A beautiful and clean marina is an important factor for a good experience at Marina Minde.

In our environment station, it is possible to sort the garbage for either recycling or burning.

We try to avoid synthetic materials or blasted stone and are therefore working with wood and natural stone instead.

We keep the harbour area free from cars.

The washing area at the ramp is constructed with the most modern principles, and also, the washing water is cleaned in a multidirectional sedimentation system.

The water in our bathrooms is heated by solar power.

Environment protection and cleanness at Marina Minde are great

Environment station

At our environment station, you can deliver everything – from garbage to oil.
The containers are devided as follows:

  • Garbage
  • Paper og paperboard
  • Bottles and glass
  • Oil
  • Batteries

Special waste can unfortunately not be thrwon away in Marina Minde, but you can take it to the landfill in Skodsbøl, which is only 2km northeast from Marina Minde.

Feel free to ask the harbour master for directions.

Please remember

The garbage has to be separated.

In case of doubt: ask the harbout master.

Cardboard packaging etc. must be folded before throwing away.

Beautiful and clean harbour