Winter storage in frost-free harbour – guarantee against frost and contact damage

Leave the boat in the water

With our special under water antifreeze, it is possible to leave the boat in the water during the winter months.
Using air hoses which we put around your boat, we keep the water moving, so it does not freeze on the hull. In that way, you can extend your sailing season and can go sailing as soon as the fjord is ice-free. Does the boat need high pressure cleaning under the waterline after the winter season, we can help you doing it by using our Sublift etc.

Small air bubbles keep the ice at bay


Marina Minde’s service staff keeps an eye on the boats 365 days a year, so you can regardless the weather conditions sleep soundly at night.
During winter months, the boats are stored in bigger berths, compared to the boats size – either on one jetty or more jetties.
We guarantee against ice and contact damage. Anyhow, your insurance has to be in force during winter months.

Despite snow and cold, your boat is ice-free

Ice-free winter storage in the water